My K-9's

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Among all the reptiles, birds, aquatics, and other critters at the sanctuary; I am proud to show off my four K-9's! The oldest is my 11 year old german shepherd, Max. He is a very intellegent dog; able to tell words being spelled forwards and backwards, numerous motions, and is very agile, among other talents. He can jump over a six foot high obstacle! He is quite enormous for his breed. Max does several jobs for the community, his main job is security. One look at him wearing his badge, you'll know he means business. *REST IN PEACE MAX 10-19-13*

Boomer is my 8 year old dalmatian. With all the energy he needs to burn off; I keep him busy. Boomer is the search and rescue dog for our Fire Company. It is a lot of hard work to train dogs for search and rescue, but he loves it. He especially loves to go for rides in the firetruck and to continue his training. He knows when his vest and badge go on, it is time for buiseness!

Gabe is a 5 year old german shepherd. She too, is a very intellegent dog, and loves to help out any way she can. She also does security work for several local "jobs". Gabe also loves to visit the Fire Company and do other activities as well.

Domino is a 4 yr. old german shepherd/dalmatian mix. Gabe is the mother, and Boomer is the father. What a pair! I had raised her since she was 2 weeks old.  Unfortunately she was the only survivor out of the 4 pups that Gabe had had.  I have been busy training her for search and rescue as well; she is quite a handful, but a bundle of joy, and is happy to follow in her dad's footsteps.