Sponsor an Animal

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Would you like to sponsor an animal here at the Sanctuary?

Many of the animals here at the Sanctuary that have been rescued or surrendered come in with medical problems; You can help! You can sponsor an animal in need for $25.00 a year. Or sponsor one or more of any of the other animals at the Sanctuary. You will recieve an 8 X 10 colored picture along with a certificate with your name. Below will be a list of some of the animals in the Sanctaury that you can sponsor (including some birds). Any help is greatly appreciated!! Feel free to e-mail us with any questions as well as any questions you may have with an animal that you may want to sponsor.

Reptile Species:

Sebastion- American alligator

Camaro- American alligator

Mr. Peepers- American alligator

Apollo- American alligator

Allie- American alligator

Neptune - American alligator

Tiny - American alligator 

Sid- Sulcata tortoise

Zeus- Sulcata tortoise

Murphy - Sulcata tortoise

Littlefoot - Sulcata tortoise

Sweetpea - Sulcata tortoise

Eether- Albino burmese python

Zena - Albino Burmese python 

Casper- Albino kingsnake

Phoenix- Nile monitor

Gub Gub- Water monitor

Nubsy- Argus monitor

Cleo- Savanah monitor

Carmine - Blue tongue skink 

Spot- California kingsnake

Mr. Wiggles- Hypo tangerine honduran milsnake

Sweetheart- Green iguana

Sly - Ball python

Blizzard- Leucistic taxas rat snake

Emril- Bearded dragon

Leyla- Bearded dragon

Huwie- Saharan sand boa

Dewie- Saharan sand boa


Name: Species:

Penny- Umbrella cockatoo

Kasey- Blue & gold macaw

Danny- Blue & gold macaw

Sarah- Blue & gold macaw

Ricky- Yellow nape amazon

Petey- Mallard duck